Angie!This is Angie. She is very passionate about gluten free cooking and baking, from the perspective of the health benefits of strengthening the digestive system. She feels it’s very important that not only is her food a culinary taste experience, but it will also aid in your body’s health.

She attended her natural and wholefood chef training in Perth in 2010 with acclaimed wholefood chef and author Jude Blereau.

Angie was the inhouse chef at Jaspers Village Resort in Mt Seaview from 2010- early 2012, where she cooked for budding yoga teachers and students alike, as well as created gluten free products for her own business that sold through local markets and health food stores. Now back to Sydney Angie focuses on running gluten free wholefood cooking workshops at the Sydney Cooking School, hosting events and catering weddings and functions.




This is Craig. I have no culinary skills whatsoever, but I am usually in charge of quality assurance, with or without Angie’s permission. I write most of the Angie Gluten Free stuff – website, newsletters, etc.

In case you’re confused, I’m the one on the right.

My favourite Angie Gluten Free product was the lemon avocado tart, but is now the cacao nib slice. One night Angie’s sister and I ate an entire batch in one sitting. Angie was not terribly amused.