Eating Seasonally


Eating Seasonally

By Angie Cowen

5 reasons why eating seasonally is the better option.

We hear the phrase ‘eating seasonally’ a lot, especially of late. It’s fashionable to head out to dinner where restaurants are serving food that’s in season, but why is it the better choice?
When you eat seasonally, you are taking into account the location you are in and the climate that surrounds you, whether it’s humid, dry, hot, cold or somewhere in-between. The food that grows within this area is actually designed by nature to be grown in this area and is balanced and in harmony with its surrounds. It thus supports and assists in balancing the wellbeing of the individual that lives there too. Think root vegetables in winter or coconuts or ripe tropical fruits in summer when it’s really hot.
Less food miles
When you buy food that is local and in season, the amount of traveling that the food has to endure to get to your plate is significantly reduced. Less food miles equates to less man power, less fuel, and less trucks on the road, which is less pressure on our planet.
When you are eating food that is ripe and in season, you really don’t need to do much to make it taste amazing. Think strawberries or blueberries in season, or crisp apples and juicy oranges. Quite simply, food in season tastes far superior to food that is not. The greatest chefs in the world will tell you the flavour begins in the produce. Start with a great flavour and your dish will end with one too.
When you allow yourself to be constrained by what is in season, you have to use your creativity rather than letting your ego override with what you know. You can’t just rely on few well trodden pathways in your repertoire to bust out the family meal. Now this may sound a little scary at first, but by keeping creative you will be continually strengthening your brain muscles and getting the creative juices flowing which increases energy, lateral thinking power and wellbeing. Plus it keeps your meals interesting!
When you eat seasonally, your connection to the food and the process is increased too. You know that it’s from your area, you possibly even know the farmer through buying it at the markets. Mindful eating has been long spoken of in relation to a healthy body and mind and it’s simple – when we are present to what’s involved with a process we are generally more aware of it. And by eating when more aware and present, we chew more slowly, our breathing is more regular and our stomach is in a more relaxed state, which in turn gifts you with better digestion and increased energy.


  • I cannot explain my love for your website, as of today I got recommended to search your page and I spent over an hour just sitting here reading through everything. Your such an inspiring person and I will be definitely attending one of your cooking classes in the future for sure and trying your recipes!!

    Holly11 April, 2014
    • Thanks so much Holly. I’m thrilled you have been enjoying it – makes it all worthwhile xx

      Angie Gluten Free20 May, 2014

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