Finding Your Niche

By Rebecca Levy

To niche or not to niche… is that a question for your business? A niche is to carve out a specialty with your business, stake your claim, plant your flag so to speak. In doing so you state clearly to the world, “I am here to support and service clients with (insert your chosen niche).” You could be drawn to niche yourself to assist couples with fertility issues or, if sports are your passion, supporting athletes to achieve their personal and physical best.

When you niche your business, your marketing actions then become focused on attracting a very specific group of customers as your communication speaks directly to them, assuring potential customers you perfectly understand their needs. Businesses that niche themselves usually do so out of their own passion and experience, delivering service or products they enjoy sharing the most.

Inspired Adventures is a great example of niching successfully. Founder Justine Curtis was driven to make a difference in the world. As an avid traveller and volunteer she knew the benefits charity organisations contribute to developing countries. Inspired Adventures creates fun charity challenges to engage fundraisers where participants raise money and have an adventure related to their charity. This has led to more money being raised, with Inspired Adventures charity challenges raising between $50,000 to $150,000 for charities all around the world. Justine has carved a way to bring much needed fundraising support to charities and her love for adventure travel together.

The benefit of choosing a niche means you work with people and businesses you’re passionate about while becoming recognised as an expert in your field. You get to share all that valuable knowledge you’ve built either through work experience or personal enjoyment. This can lead to speaking and writing opportunities and as you build your reputation people will begin to seek you out for advice and guidance.

If creating a niche for your business is something you’d like to do then take few minutes to ponder the following questions:

  • What services do I love to share
  • What inspires me in my work?
  • Which customers bring me the most joy?
  • What issues or problems do I love to solve?

A successful business owner always asks questions such as how can I grow? What is the next step for my business? If creating a niche for your business is the next step in defining and growing your business, may your flag planting bring you much clarity, success and above all, happiness!

Rebecca is a business coach and facilitator, educating and empowering natural health practitioners achieve their personal and professional goals. She has spent the last 19 years working in, on and with small business owners to grow their businesses using simple and effective tools. Her experience has given her a clear insight into what makes a business successful. Her passion and commitment to the Health & Wellness Industry is fuelled by her desire to see practitioners stay in business. You can find Rebecca at

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