More Than Just Food

whale14As someone who teaches how to nourish your body through preparing good food, I have certainly been caught in the past thinking that food was the primary source of nourishment for our bodies. That if I eat a diet that is seemingly perfect and vibrant and absolutely in line with what my body needs, I will have ultimate overall health.

Through the many years that I have focussed on my personal wellbeing, I have often been left feeling rather confused. If I’m eating a wonderful and organic diet then why is my health not amazing, why is my body seemingly creating more food intolerances, and why aren’t I bouncing out of bed in the morning?

It was quite a profound moment when I realised that while food was definitely an important part in the puzzle of my health and wellbeing, there were many other life areas that were lacking, which were leaving me feeling exhausted, unfulfilled and sick. While food is certainly an important source of nourishment for my body and my life, it’s clear that it makes up only a component of what truly feeds us.

It was clear to me I had to explore other forms of nourishment, the areas that fill us up so profoundly that in an instant we come into balance and have the ability to respond to life with more elegance, ease and grace. This is what I’ve been learning.

Love: Summon up a memory of being in love, can you remember? I certainly do – food was not even on the radar, yet I was vibrant, full of energy and loving of all things, people and jobs that needed to be done.  From our earliest memory of love, from our mother/father/carer we have a strong connection to the importance of love and our overall sense of wellbeing.  And the wonderful thing is that we can generate this within ourselves, for ourselves, to attain this nourishment, without need to look outside for that love.

Sunshine: Being a busy city dweller – and even when I lived in the country if I’m being honest – I notice how easy it is to miss exposure to the sun’s rays. I’m often so consumed with indoor activities, my alabaster skin can go months at a time without catching more than a few minutes of sun each day. To get out in the sun for small pockets during the day showed me how important it was for my overall sense of happiness and nourishment.

Stillness: Whether you call it meditation or simply creating quiet time, having moments to reflect on your day helps with the ability to think clearly and make decisions that may be otherwise challenging. Creating space allows new thoughts to emerge, problems to find solutions and for the breathing to slow down, which puts the body in a peaceful state of rest.

Exercise: We have long known the benefits of exercise for the fitness and health of our body, but don’t forget its importance to our mental state. Try going for a walk or doing yoga each day, even if it’s only for 20 minutes, and notice how differently you feel about life.

Water: For many people it’s very easy to forget to drink enough water during the day. If you are someone who suspects that you are not drinking enough water, set yourself little reminders in your calendar to help you, and notice how much more energy you have during your day.

Fun: How much more energy is available when you are having fun? Yes, it’s as simple as shifting the mentality of what already needs to be done to make it seem like more fun. Putting on some great music can turn cleaning the house into a dance routine (guilty). Consciously choosing the intention of ‘having fun’ in your day really does nourish deeply.

Creativity: Whether you have a job where you get to exercise this muscle frequently or hobbies that keep your juices flowing, this area is super important in overall wellbeing. Try starting a journal, or draw some fun and silly pictures. Write a letter to a friend, or wander your neighbourhood and take some photographs.

Being of service: Having time to give back to our communities is not only helpful to those in need, but also gives us a wonderful sense of fulfillment. It may take a little bit of energy to muster up the ability to get out there, especially in the busy weeks, but the self-satisfaction and knowing we are being of service is more rewarding than we can at first foresee.

Food: Yes, a wonderful, important source of nourishment! Always listen to what your body is telling you. There is so much wonderful information available on what is healthy and what you should and should not be eating, but ultimately if it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you.

When we feel good about being in the world, it’s easier to make decisions that are going to benefit our overall sense of wellbeing, so it may be worth thinking about your overall health and consider what elements may be missing. Remember to make it a fun process and be kind to yourself and make small changes frequently to help you on your journey to wellbeing.


  • loooove your article…
    I was asking myself the same question sofr some years, now I start to understand better!

    Jana14 August, 2013

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