Nourishing Deeply For Winter

By Angie Cowen

VeggiesI don’t know about you, but for me winter is a time to really get into the deeply satisfying food groups such as hearty stews, steaming soups, extra dishings of good quality fats and plenty of it all.

Winter is also a time where we “stock up” on food to help get us through a period that is traditionally lacking in harvested produce. This can present us with an egotistical dilemma if we automatically equate eating more with gaining weight.

The good news is there is plenty of evidence to suggest eating a deeply nourishing and satisfying diet through the heart of winter will help you and your immune system thrive through the chilly season and set you up for the remainder of the year.

Here are five thoughts as to how to approach your winter nourishment:

1. Eat from the ground
Winter vegetables are plentiful in the root department. So it makes lots of sense to eat plenty of hearty stews filled with carrots, sweet potato and other root vegetables during this time of year. There is such a grounding, satisfying aspect to the root vegetable which works perfectly with the idea of moving inward and gathering the energy stores that winter naturally dictates.

2. Eat appropriately
When you are cold there is little sense in eating cold food. By adding warm components to your salads and enjoying steaming soups you are still giving the body the vegetables it needs, and you are also adding the functionality of immediate warmth to help you efficiently regulate your body’s temperature.

3. Eat for the phase
My understanding of the importance of nourishing deeply for winter comes from the tradition of Ayurveda. As we move out of winter and into spring we need those stores available so we can then cleanse efficiently as spring encourages.

4. Eat plenty of good quality fats
High quality fats such as extra virgin coconut oil and early harvest extra virgin olive oil have naturally occurring antibacterial, antimicrobial properties to them.  Great at assisting the immune system through the heart of the cold season.

5. Invite plenty of warmth, laugher and love into the home
It may sound like this has nothing to do with health, but in my book it goes hand in hand to how we feel about life and therefore how we feel about ourselves in general. This state of wellbeing really does impact on our level of health overall.

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